Sunday, August 19, 2012's getting old part deux

  In this life if we do not succeed the first time try try again. I live by this motto. It has helped me cope through many of the bumps in the road that life has dealt. However, it is looking like this motto is not working in the current situation of the sleeping issues. The False Awakenings is what I speak of. Ever since my last post I have been diligently looking for answers as to why this happens and looking for more of the natural remedies as opposed to the synthetic ones. In my searches I came upon the old remedy of warm milk before bed. I was Gung Ho to try this because 1. my house is always stocked with milk and 2. I have heard of so many people swearing this is something that they have done since childhood and it works far better than any sleeping pills they have tried. I'm sure as in reading my post you can tell this solution has not worked for me. Not in the least. I may need to be more diligent on my end in this adventure however I cannot express how let down I have come out of this feeling.
  Let down you say, but why?? I have an issue being the poster child for being the one who can give out advice but I cannot follow my own. That does make me a hypocrite sometimes but at least I can admit to that fact. The try try again in the motto makes me want to try something else but so much has already been tried I feel I will never be able to go to bed at night knowing I wont have these episodes again. Knowing that this is something that I cannot control or at least feels as if this is out of control wears down on my mind. This is something that I should be able to get a handle on, but I do not know how. 
  So, back to the drawing board it is. I will search until I cannot search any farther in hopes of somehow trying to find this elusive remedy. I refuse to go to a Dr and tell them about my issues. I do not like opening up to these professionals and telling them of the complications that are being had, simply because I do not believe in these days Dr's are the answer. The medical professionals of our day like to push pills and send for very very expensive treatments usually without looking at an entire family history, without doing their research as I have done mine and while I concede that these professionals are more intelligent than I can ever hope to be, I do not like being looked at like I am a fool when I come into their offices being as prepared as possible. Its almost as if they take offense to this being done. Hey, I'm just a helpful kind of gal no need for them to get huffy.
  I will not give up. My sign of the zodiac tells of having a driving determination. I do have this, even to a point of being at fault. I will beat these False Awakenings and I will strive through these moments and leave them in my dust once this has all passed. However I am a hope for the best prepare for the worst type of girl. we shall see what the ever coming future holds. Until then........Ciao 

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  1. From what you say I think that you have been unlucky with your doctors. Here in England I ma treated by National Health Service doctors; and appointment lasts ten minutes (unless one books a double one). Since March I have seen three different ones - turnover of staff is a problem at my local practice it seems. Nevertheless they have all listened patiently to my tales of woe (the year started brilliantly but by late January everything was in ashes). And yes they do give me pills but I have to twist their arms a little!

    I hope you are able to find a solution; when I was a little boy, my mother would give me Horlicks (malted milk) at bedtime and in extremis, hot milk with a dash of brandy - that really does work!

    Best of luck


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